CSUB is a leading EPC supplier of composite products and solutions for the oil and gas, civil and renewable industry. Our headquarters is located in Arendal, Norway, and we pride ourselves in providing new and innovative designs from our
in-house engineering department. The CSUB products are tailor made to the needs of the client and according to relevant industry standards.

Since the founding of our company in 2003, we have specialized in making complex load-carrying composite structures in glass fiber reinforced polymer (GRP) by a closed and cost-efficient process that secure predictable and repeatable quality. The composite materials light weight, mechanical and chemical properties makes it an excellent choice for replacing traditional materials such as steel, aluminium or concrete.

Our three fabrication sites have all direct access to a quay and our products can be shipped around the world.

The CSUB Group is also present in the Aquaculture market through the HighComp brand of solutions.

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Advantages of Composite

Our products are made from Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP), as it has a long design life, typically 50 years, and provide environmental benefits compared to traditional materials. GRP replaces traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and concrete.

Advantages of composites: 

High-Impact Strenght
Design flexibility
Part consolidation
Dimensional stability
Low thermal conductivity
Low Co2 admission
No need for formwork or steel plates