A Leading EPC contractor of Composite Solutions

CSUB™ is a leading developer and manufacturer of Composite Solutions to the Subsea, Aquaculture, Civil and Offshore industry.

CSUB protection covers for subsea

CSUB develops and manufactures structures and products in Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GRP)

We are specialized in making complex load-carrying composite structures in glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) by a closed and cost-efficient process that secure predictable and repeatable quality. Our three fabrication sites have all direct access to a quay and our products can be shipped around the world.

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50 - 70% weight reductions
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Significant reduction in lead times
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Maintenance free 25-50 years design life
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Equivalent strength
to steel
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Life Cycle Assessment

Our products

Csub GRP products are mainly manufactured protection systems and structures for the subsea and offshore industry


Our engineering group is based in Norway and consists of highly skilled engineers with vast knowledge of design, fabrication, structural analysis of composite structures.
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Since delivering the first GRP subsea protection cover in 1994, client feedback has reflected significant savings in installation and service using GRP composite, without the penalty of manufacturing cost.
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