CSUB Wellhead Protection Structure

CSUB has developed a new GRP Single Well Protection Structure combining requirement for overtrawlability design with the need for full ROV access to the Wellhead.

CSUB patented in-house design has been developed as an alternative to the traditional steel protection structure. The structure has features such as:

  • Self penetrating skirts for stabilization
  • Large openings on every side for good ROV access
  • Top hatches providing access for well operations
  • Design allowing for spool installation pre or post protection structure installation

The new GRP Single Well Protection Structure has the following advantages compared to a traditional steel design.

  • Competetive manufacturing cost
  • Less deck space required
  • Crane limitations less restrictive
  • No need for large suction cans
  • Quicker installation – no need for vacuum skid
  • Easier to recover to deck if required

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CSUB Wellhead Protection Structure GRP Composite Offshore Subsea

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