CSUB Support Structures

GRP Support Structures provide support for pipelines, subsea structures and equipment.

CSUB GRP products for supports are GRP Foundations/Sleepers, Buckling Mitigation Sleepers, Caternary Supports, Free Span Correction Foundations, Pipeline/Flexible Crossings and Landing area for Flexible Risers.

  • Major benefit at soft soil areas – lower impact to soil – improved bearing capacity
  • For seismic areas – liquified soil
  • Can be stackable – reduce transportation and installation cost
CSUB Support Structures Composite Offshore pipelines

Foundations for subsea structures

Support foundations are designed to distribute the weight of a heavy subsea structure in areas where seabed conditions are challenging.

The Support foundation can provide the functionalities such as

  • Low submerged weight – high payload
  • Skirts for stability
  • Can be bolted to structure prior to deployment
  • Interface to be designed for any structure
  • Low Friction layer if required
CSUB Fundations for subsea structures offshore seabed

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GRP foundations for Buckling Mitigation

GRP Foundations are used for buckling mitigation for pipelines to provide a low friction area in which the pipeline will be allowed to expand. The expansion in the pipeline due to temperature variations will then occur in area of the foundations and the risk of the pipeline buckling is removed.

CSUB GRP fundations for Buckling Mitigation
CSUB GRP fundations for Buckling Mitigation

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Catenary support

CSUB has supplied several catenary supporting structures in GRP.

A catenary support in GRP can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce HUB load
  • No sharp edges to cause fatigue on out sheath of pipe
  • Can be designed with skirts for fixed foundation or as sledge for flexible foundation
CSUB GRP Composite Catenary Support

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Free span correction

The free span correction is designed to support pipelines in event of challenges with free span control of pipelines or spools.

CSUB has developed designs that can be installed after pipeline installation and after scouring has become a problem.

The stuctures can be designed as sleepers/supports that can pulled under the pipeline by a ROV or as a bridge/tower being installed over pipeline and then supported by bridge installed by an ROV.

CSUB GRP Composite Free Span Correction

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Crossing Structures can be designed for Flexible flowlines/Umbilicals or rigid pipelines. The crossing structures have the following benefits:

  • Low impact to soil
  • Simple installation
  • Low friction with possibility of gluing low friction pads to the GRP to further reduce the friction
CSUB GRP Offshore Subsea Crossings

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Flexible riser support foundations

The landing area supports are design as GRP foundations that can be modified to create the desired interface with the flexible riser.

The landing area supports can provide the following functionalities:

  • Prepare seabed for touch down of flexible riser
  • Low Friction layer reduce wear and tear
  • Predictable movement compared to uneven seabed – reduce fatigue
CSUB GRP Composite Flexible riser support foundations subsea offshore

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