CSUB Protection Cover

CSUB protection Structures are used to protect pipelines, subsea equipment and structures from external impact from dropped objects, trawl and anchor loads.

CSUB Products for Protection covers are GRP Pipeline Cover and GRP Structure Protection Covers.

The combination of strength and flexibility of the GRP material used in the CSUB Protection Covers provide unique properties to absorb energy from dropped object/trawls. Testing has been performed up to more than 300 kJ, and based on these result we can simulate and analyse any impact. High impact covers with approx. 500 kJ has been delivered and CSUB has designed covers with impact requirement up to 800 kJ.

All GRP structures are designed according to NORSOK requirement and DnVGL-ST-C501 Composite Components.

The structures are designed to be overtrawlable / fishing-friendly. Extensive testing at SINTEF Denmark has been performed resulting in overtrawlable and snag free solutions with considerable lower loads than those specified by the NORSOK standard . The optimized design requires less stabilisation measures and gives  lighter, more cost efficient structures as well as avoiding damage to fishing gear.

CSUB Protection Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

The low weight of the GRP Protection Covers has benefits for cost, required size of installation vessel and impact to soft soil areas.

The GRP Protection Structures can either be stabilised by rockdump, or by the use of ballast and skirt solutions designed by CSUB.

CSUB Protection Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

Pipeline Protection Covers

Pipeline Protection Structures should be used when there is a requirement for none contact protection of subsea pipelines.

The GRP Covers are installed in areas were it is determined a risk for dropped object or trawl activities. By using GRP Covers over the pipeline in expansion loop areas, the pipeline can move freely within the protection structures.

The GRP Pipeline Protection Covers can be designed for straight spools, Z-spools, L-Spools andflexible spools.

CSUB Protection Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

The GRP Covers for stackable for efficient transport and deployment, also allowing for wet storage during installation.

CSUB Protection Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

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Structure protection covers

Subsea equipment such as Manifolds, Trees, ILT’s, PLEM’s, PLETs, UTA’s, UTH’s require in most cases to be protected from dropped objects and/or trawl boards and dragged anchors.

CSUB has developed solutions for protection for all subsea equipment taking into consideration soil condition, deployment, stability, access for installation and inspection, ROV Access,  exits of current or future lines etc.

For large structures, GRP Structure Protection Covers will have a major advantage compared to traditional steel solutions due to lower weight.

Largest structure installed is 30x15m, but this is not a limit.

CSUB Protection Structure Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

CSUB in-house engineering department can also perform ROV checks to demonstrate access for ROV for all vital parts.

CSUB Protection Structure Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

Installation are typically performed by upending the cover to allow for high Hs during deployment.

CSUB Protection Cover Subsea Offshore Composite

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